Improving any skill simply takes time and practice, and you can lengthen the former by increasing the latter.Jake Rocheleau, UI Designer

Some people take this idea to extremes by issuing themselves challenges. One great example is the icon-a-day challenge by Marko Stupić. With even half a year’s worth of time you can see dramatic improvements in your work with a challenge like this.

And that’s exactly what pushed Paul Flavius Nechita to do his 100 Days of UI. Paul is a designer from Romania who began his 100 UI design challenge by posting shots on Dribbble Over time popularity grew and he launched a website for his project. (which is closed, but the dribbles still exists). The results cover a wide range of elements, from a login-form to an interface for a washing mashine.

As other developers I try to fill these screens with life. Let them become a real UI. To follow the idea that this is about improving your skills, I try to avoid any kind of library - just 'pure handmade' JavaScript and - at least in some - a bunch of (very) experimental CSS3 features.